Getting Started In Property Investment? Here Are The Top Tips:

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Buy to let property investment is one of the most lucrative ways to make the most out of your savings. These top tips for property investment are designed to prepare you for getting started on this profitable journey, giving you the best knowledge and skills on how to invest in property.

There are a number of things to consider when thinking about how to start investing in property, like where you are going to invest, what type of property you want to purchase and what are the tax implications of your investment. Whether you’re looking to make a one-off investment or you’re wondering ‘how do I start a property portfolio of my own?’, we cover some of the most important property investment tips and property investment advice you need to know before starting out.

What is an Investment Property?

An investment property is a property that generates a return on investment for the person who purchases it. The two ways people benefit from property investment are with regular rental returns, returns from the future resale of a property that’s grown in value, or both.

What Is A Property Investor?

real estate investment strategyA property investor is somebody who purchases one or several properties for the purpose of renting them out or selling them for a higher cost. The role of a property investor is normally carried out alongside an additional career, but can sometimes become a full-time career in itself.

Can I invest in Property?

Those interested in investing in property can do so in a number of ways. Some people choose to buy to sell property, while others select buy to let. Buy to let is where you purchase a property with the intention of letting it out to a tenant and is one of the most popular property investment strategies.

Without considering buy to let, you’re missing out on the potential for long-lasting returns rather than just a one-off payment. If you’re thinking about how to invest in property, don’t ignore your buy to let options.

Is it a good idea to invest in property?

Property investment can be a great idea for those who want to generate additional income. Buy to let property investment can bring an ongoing income in the form of rental returns, along with the potential to gain large returns if your property’s value grows over time.

Unlike other investment strategies, buy to let property investment allows investors to receive monthly or quarterly rental returns from tenants. Capital appreciation in property investment can be equally impressive, with certain areas reporting record house price rises.

The number of people living in rental accommodation is higher than ever, with major increases over the last few years. Due to a lack of social housing and the difficulties faced by people wanting to buy their first home, there are a record number of people looking for rental accommodation.

The New Nordic GroupHow to get into Property Investment

If you want to get into property investment, you need to ask yourself two questions — what do I need to buy an investment property, and where is the best place to buy an investment property? Research the main elements of property investment, and decide which location offers the best opportunities.

It is important to do your research to find out if property investment is right for you, and to look at the buy to let market in detail. Resources like our property investment guides are ideal for understanding what makes a good property investment and how to find the best investment for you.

Being well informed on things like rental yields, demand, and capital growth is also important in property investment, ensuring you can make the best and most profitable choices as you begin your buy to let journey.

How do I buy an Investment Property?

If you want to purchase a buy to let investment property, you can either do this by paying the property’s price in full or with a buy to let mortgage. This will largely depend on the type of property you want to invest in and the property investment company you use.

In recent years the buy to let market has taken a few knocks, with changing tax policies and potential price rises. However, the benefits of property investment far outweigh these. The demand for a rental property is higher than ever before with a growing need for high-quality rental accommodation ensuring a steady stream of tenants.

Explore Different Buy to Let Strategies

There are different property investment strategies to consider when you first get started with buy to let. Before considering all the steps involved with property investment, you first need to establish the best buy to let strategy for you and explore the different options.

The most common types of buy to let are residential and student property investments, but there are some other types of strategies that you could follow. Here is a guide to rental property investment strategies for you to explore.

Consider Hotel Room Investments

hotel room investmentHotel room investment is surely becoming the best new strategy for rental investors looking for a secure cashflow & guaranteed capital gains. The hotel industry is booming. The total retail value of the global hotel industry is set to cross USD 500 Billion in 2018. The total revenue of the hotel industry in the USA alone should touch $200 Billion in 2018. In the UK, It’s worth over £40bn annually, with around 45,000 hotels and over 730,000 hotel rooms.

Tourism added £ to the UK’s economy in 2014 and is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 3.8% by 2025. Tourists will need somewhere to stay, so it’s safe to say the industry will be thriving for the foreseeable future.

One of the main selling points of hotel room investments for many investors is the low entry point. A typical opportunity usually starts from around $100,000 USD. It can be more affordable than a buy-to-let property, and you don’t need a mortgage to pay for your investment. Great news if you have bad credit, or would struggle to get a mortgage.

Traditional Buy to Let

Traditional buy to let is when an investor purchases a residential or student property which they’ll let out to tenants to regularly generate an income. Those who opt for a traditional buy to let investment strategy are likely to purchase an apartment rather than a house due to the lower costs and higher demand, especially in city-center locations.

The reason why this is often considered the best buy to let strategy is because of the benefits involved. When you do the appropriate research and planning, traditional buy to let can provide you with attractive rental returns and plenty of tenant demand. With this type of investment, you’re also more likely to benefit from increased capital growth potential, providing you with an attractive return on your investment when you decide to sell the property.

new nordic group orange familyUnderstand What’s Involved

Before getting started with buy to let, it’s important that you fully understand what’s involved with a property investment venture. Investing in the property market may be promising, but it also requires a lot of preparation. In this section of our property investment guide, you can find out some of the most common things to consider and understand before making a buy to let purchase.

Understand What’s Involved

Before getting started with buy to let, it’s important that you fully understand what’s involved with a property investment venture. Investing in the property market may be promising, but it also requires a lot of preparation. In this section of our property investment guide, you can find out some of the most common things to consider and understand before making a buy to let purchase.

Know the Risks

Although property investment can be a rewarding venture and a fantastic way to reach your financial goals, there is still some risk involved. While not as high-risk as other investment strategies such as buying shares, investing in property isn’t always a guaranteed road to success.

Going into a venture with some uncertainty surrounding it can make you question ‘how do I invest in property and make sure it’s a success?’. If you’re wondering how to start property investment in the safest and most sensible way possible, it’s crucial to know about the risks involved such as loss of income and negative growth.

This way, you can work out a strategy to avoid your investment being affected and improve your chances of a positive venture.

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