The New Nordic Group 

The New Nordic Group is a name renowned for its strong and consistent growth.  Since we arrived in Thailand 10 years ago, we have been providing quality residential properties, holiday resorts and investment properties in South East Asia. This has resulted in an outstanding new nordic group orange familyknowledge and expertise in the construction, hospitality and real estate industries.

This growth and success have been delivered in two ways.  1.  In our company’s ability to deliver a consistent, quality product to their target audiences. And 2. In the areas of community connections and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To the neighbourhoods and people of Thailand as well as our other destinations. This has been at the heart of how our company operates and how it views the importance of the local communities it serves and effects.

The New Nordic Group Orange Family

Now, at the heart of the ‘Orange Family’ organisation are a very distinct set of values. A promise and commitment to communities and an eye on providing innovation for the future, staff, partners and clients alike. Innovations such as building technology, green credentials, low environmental impact and recyclable materials. In addition, looking at new ways of investing, improving returns, growth and expansion into mixed-use developments, brand name partnerships, and of course geographical expansion.

The New Nordic Group is more than a Real Estate Investment & Holiday Resort company. Its a 2nd home and family for over 2,000 happy and loyal employees, 10’s of thousands of guests, as well as 1000’s of global investors.

The New Nordic Group combines 2 of the fastest industries in the world, the real estate & the tourism industries.


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