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You’ve heard the buzz time and time again: investing in real estate is a fantastic way to build wealth and reach financial independence. Thankfully, real estate investing for beginners has never been easier, considering all of the powerful tools and valuable information that’s out there. If you’ve been itching to start investing, 2020 can be your year; so it’s time for your real estate 101. Use these 10 tips to learn how to start investing in real estate for beginners.

Figure out why you want to invest

Investing in real estate is a fantastic idea which can help you build wealth. But before you start, you should decide on why exactly you want to invest, to inform your upcoming decisions. For example, are you looking for a source of income to supplement your current job? In that case, an investment property type that allows for passive income would be the way to go. Are you planning to secure your long-term goals and develop a retirement fund? Then maybe a long-term buy and hold strategy would work best for you. Or are you looking to take on investment as a full-time job to make maximum returns? In any and all cases, knowing why you want to invest will help inform your course of action.

Learn the basics

Real estate investing doesn’t need a specialized degree or a license; just a drive for investment and smart decision-making. Online resources are the new real estate investing 101 for beginners, as you can learn pretty much everything you need to know. Get yourself familiarized with the industry, its terminology, and what other investors have to say about real estate investing for beginners.

Know the tools available to you

We all have smartphones and laptops, so it’s easier than ever to get anything done. Before you go into your first investment, make sure you know the tools that are available to you which can make your life significantly easier. Need help in calculating your potential investment’s cash flow? The Rental Property Calculator will help you with that. Can’t decide which neighborhood to invest in?

Keep a close eye on housing market trends

The real estate market can be volatile at times. Markets vary significantly from month to month, and from city to city (or even by neighborhood). For example, did you know that currently, single-family homes are the best type of rental property in the Dallas real estate market? In the Nashville real estate market, townhouses are actually the best right now. Be sure that you’re constantly in the loop to know where the best investment lies. To do this, you can keep up with some of the industry’s best investment sites for beginners, for top-notch and up-to-date advice. These websites will be a great source of real estate tips for beginners.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

As a first-time investor, you’re certainly amped up and excited to get going. But you shouldn’t exactly opt for a major apartment complex on your first go. Consider looking into more manageable property types, such as single-family homes. This initial investment can help you learn the ins-and-outs of the industry before you make more major investments.

Know your expenses very well

real estate investing for beginners tips for getting started

One of the most discouraging things that can happen to you is a financial setback — especially if it could have been predicted beforehand. So what’s the key to avoiding this situation? Study up on exactly what costs you can expect, and make sure you’re on top of it. Having a clear idea of your cash flow and your anticipated income can go a long way to financial security and the success of your real estate investment.

Investing in Holiday Resorts

Investing in holiday resorts in the newest real estate investment trend. If you’re looking to splash the cash on some overseas real estate investments either as a permanent residence, holiday home, or pure investment property, then perhaps you should consider the benefits of investing in resort properties. Often incorrectly dismissed as being purely for golfers, there’s actually a lot to love about a resort lifestyle, without the need to tee off. Here are ten reasons why we think you should invest in a resort property.

New Nordic Group Turn-Key Investments 

for cash flow real estate investment invest in hotel rooms and holiday resorts

  • We select the most beautiful & the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world.
  • We build and manage quality holiday resorts in strategic locations within our destinations.
  • We offer a percentage of our accommodation to individual investors in either Freehold or leasehold.
  • We then lease them back from our investors, maintain & manage them within our licensed resorts for the term of the investment.
  • Thus offering a guaranteed return of 9% per annum for periods of 3 to 10 years.
  • If the investor’s chosen resort is under construction we offer a 10% p.a net for the length of the construction period. And we offer a buy-back guarantee, of up to 120% of the original price at the end of the investment term.
  • In essence, we offer a hassle-free turn-key investment, giving a high rental return to our short term & long term investors.

When investing in holiday resorts, investors get a guaranteed cash flow investment paired with a secure capital gain.

For more information about investing in hotel rooms & holiday resorts, follow the below link:

Don’t quit your job — yet

There’s a lot of income to be made from real estate investing if you do it right. But quite often, it may take some time for your investment to turn a profit. The initial phase of purchasing a rental property, for example, involves higher expenses than usual. You’ll need to deal with closing costs, home inspection costs, maintenance costs, and others. Therefore, it may be a good idea to hold off on quitting your day job until your investment property takes off and can make enough profit to sustain you.

Think long-term

2020 is bound to be filled with surges in a number of housing markets, and time will tell who manages to capitalize on them. While you might be inclined to go for the hottest markets, it may be a wiser choice to opt for the more stable ones. Although there are certainly profits to be made in both, a stable market can be rewarding for many years to come. Real estate investing is most profitable when you have a long-term strategy and a solid plan. This is one of the most crucial investing tips for beginners since impatience can break an investment.

Bottom Line

Learning how to invest in real estate can be one of the most useful decisions you ever make. Just be sure that you’re well-equipped with the right knowledge and the right tools, and you should be on your way to making great investments. Real estate investing for beginners has never been easier, and 2020 can be your year.