Investing in Holiday Resorts

Investing in holiday resorts in the newest real estate investment trend. If you’re looking to splash the cash on some overseas real estate investments either as a permanent residence, holiday home, or pure investment property, then perhaps you should consider the benefits of investing in resort properties. Often incorrectly dismissed as being purely for golfers, there’s actually a lot to love about a resort lifestyle, without the need to tee off. Here are ten reasons why we think you should invest in a resort property.

New Nordic Group Turn Key Investments 

for cash flow real estate investment invest in hotel rooms and holiday resorts

  • We select the most beautiful & the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world.
  • We build and manage quality holiday resorts in strategic locations within our destinations.
  • We offer a percentage of our accommodation to individual investors in either Freehold or leasehold.
  • We then lease them back from our investors, maintain & manage them within our licensed resorts for the term of the investment.
  • Thus offering a guaranteed return of 9% per annum for periods of 3 to 20 years.
  • If the investor’s chosen resort is under construction we offer a 10% p.a net for the length of the construction period. And we offer a buy-back guarantee, of up to 140% of the original price at the end of the investment term.
  • In essence, we offer a hassle free turn key investment, giving a high rental return to our short term & long term investors.

When investing in holiday resorts, investors get a guaranteed cash flow investment paired with a secure capital gain.

World Class Facilities

Whether you enjoy golf, tennis,  swimming, football, sailing, cycling, scuba diving or simply going to the gym, the choice of facilities on offer within residential resorts are not only plentiful, they are also very often world class. Not only can property owners take advantage of all the facilities on offer, but on many resorts, residents and guests can also enjoy exclusive discounts and preferential access.

Safety and Security

Resorts often benefit from extremely tight security measures which offer residents great peace of mind both in terms of their property and their own well being. Not only are many resorts fully enclosed within a gated perimeter with manned entry points, but there are usually several trained guards on patrol in and around the resort 24/7, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times.

investing in hotel room investmentBeautifully Landscaped Surroundings

There is something undeniably peaceful and pleasant about being in a resort environment and that is largely due to the surroundings. Whether you are a surfer, a golfer or not, courses are renowned for being meticulously maintained so your neighborhood is always going to look lush, green, and neat. If your resort property also happens to be in a prime spot, chances are you will benefit from beautiful views of water hazards, sand traps, or vibrant fairways.

Away from the course, communal areas are incredibly well looked after. All green spaces and gardens are regularly tended, ensuring they look beautiful in bloom at all times, whatever the season.

Doorstep Amenities

Whilst, of course, exact amenities will vary, it is safe to assume that as a bare minimum you can expect to find a shop, mini supermarket, bars, restaurants, and a clubhouse all within the confines of your resort. On larger, or more exclusive resorts, you might be amazed just how vast your resort’s amenities can be. Some have salons, banks, pharmacies, medical centers, private schools, petrol stations, hotels, spas, bakeries, fishmongers, kids clubs…… The list goes on. And because it’s all on your doorstep, there’s no need to take the car.

Buzzing Social Life

Whether you are a holidaymaker or full-time resident, most resorts will have something on throughout the year making it very easy to meet new people and consolidate friendships. This is especially important if you are making a permanent or semi-permanent move as the early days can be lonely. Sporting activities, lunches, and dinners themed nights, pub quizzes, social clubs, hobby craft, coffee mornings, walking clubs, excursions…… You’re bound to find something that will tickle your fancy and get you socializing.

Wide Variety Of Property Options

Whilst we may all dream about owning a sprawling hillside villa with private pool and staff quarters, sadly we might have to be more realistic about what our finances can stretch to. The good news is, resorts typically offer a range of properties starting from one bedroom apartments and going right up to the multi-million-dollar luxury villas. Residents enjoy the same resort perks regardless of property and you can be assured of the same build quality and legal guarantees.

Resort Property Prestige

Let’s face it, we all want to achieve the best we can in life and with that comes the desire to live in the nicest neighborhood possible. There’s no denying that there’s a certain prestige that comes with living within a resort that you don’t get elsewhere. The vibe is different, and that comes from a combination of being amongst beautiful surroundings and being in a place where people care about those surroundings. Pride and prestige, it’s a wonderful mix.

Restrictions That Work For You

There will be legal rules and limitations on what homeowners can and can’t do which work not only in your interest but in the interest of the resort as a whole. Such rules enforce continuity and consistency throughout the resort, ensuring that your resort property (and everyone else’s) is always in an acceptable condition and appearance.

In turn, this allows the resort to retain its original look and feel, thus protecting your property’s value and desirability.

Holiday Resort Property Rental Potentialproperty investment strategy

The rental appeal of a resort property spreads far and wide, beyond that of many other holiday home investment types. From beach enthusiasts looking for year-round opportunities to relax, to families looking for a holiday where the children won’t get bored.

Your guests will love the convenience of the amenities, the comfort of the security, and the ease of getting around. And because resorts are designed to be popular tourist destinations, you’re never usually far from an airport which makes getting there quick and easy.

Great Resale Value

Should you decide that the time has come to sell you may well find that your resort property is in strong demand. Resort communities are highly sought after and property values here tend to hold their own. Investors will love the rental potential, especially if it comes with a good history and even future bookings, and the overall resort atmosphere will appeal to most.

Every local real estate market will vary of course and property values will fluctuate, however, properties in reputable locations will always demand interest. If your own resort property can offer that little something extra such as a prime location, larger plot, stunning views, south facing, etc. then it will only increase in desirability. If you choose not to sell the property yourself, there is always a buy-back guarantee of up to 140% if the original sale price.

Credits: Prestige Property Group